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Name: Mohammad Rahbar
Date of Birth: 11/05/1955
Fax: +985812241801















Brief Introduction







I am an associated prof of Translation Studies, with over 20 years teaching experience in Islamic Azad University Quchan Branch,Iran

Teaching Areas






Theories and Models in Translation








Educational Failure: An investigation on Language Learning Degradation among Quchan EFL Learners


2011-2015 Ph.D. Malaysia






1994-1996, M.A. (TEFL), Islamic Azad University Garmsar

1989-1994, B.A. (TEFL),  Islamic Azad University Mashhad








Top researcher among Arts and Social Sciences Faculty Members of Quchan Branch  in 2009

National Third Position in VI Quran and Etrat festival among Islamic Azad Universities Faculty Members in 2004 

آخرین اخبار
برای دریافت منابع دروس از منوی انتخاب زبان " انگلیسی" را انتخاب نمایید

برای دریافت منابع دروس از منوی انتخاب زبان انگلیسی را انتخاب...

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writing articles useful words

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Administrative Services

head   of   English Department1395 






1387 to 1390, Research Affairs Manager

1381 head   of   English Department









Rahbar, M. and Zamani, H.A. Distilation Design and Control: Using Aspen+ Simulation luyben, W. (2012). IAUQ Press.

Rahbar, M. Mohammadi Sani,Ali, (2009). English for the Students of Food Science and Technology. Quchan: Islamic AzadUniversity Press.

Jennie and Lance Lindon, (2000). Mastering Counselling Skills .Trans. Mohammad Rahbar. (1995) Quchan: Islamic AzadUniversity Press.


















  .The impact of Audio-enhanced Reading on Reading Comprehension Technical Quaterly of Educational Researchesfifth year no 22. 

 "The Study of Factors of Educational Degradation in English Lesson among Non-English Students. Technical Quarterly of Educational Researches, Second Year, No. 10. ISSN:1735-7659.

The Use of Explicitation and Implicitation in the Translation of ESP Texts
The Study of the Translation ofIdiomatic Expressions
According to Critical DiscourseAnalysis (CDA)
Analyzing the Translations of Patient Information Leaflets in terms of Sta1ndardized PIL Sections
Investigating Explicitation in the Translation of Cultural Specific Items Before and After the Islamic Revolution